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Herbs have had a shelf in my medicine cabinet for 20+ years. If my kiddos had an ear infection, I would use oregano oil to support their system while their body fought off the infection. If I had a hard time falling asleep, I would dab a little lavender essential oil onto my pillow to help me relax.

And then I experienced the healing power of herbal tea. I was a health coach leading a detox with a naturopath that I was working with at the time. She had extensive knowledge of herbs and created an herbal blend to support our clients as they detoxed. During the detox, I ended up getting sick and developing a sinus infection. I decided to brew a cup of our detox tea. After I drank one cup, my sinuses drained. The congestion and pressure was gone. I wanted to share this ancient wisdom with others so I began studying herbalism under Rosemary Gladstar. ​

My go-to tea Wild Sage blend? Our Liver Hug blend. My body is very sensitive and has a difficult time detoxing without support. Our Liver Hug blend is a great way to give my body the extra love it needs and deserves!



My relationship with plants started earlier than I think I was even aware. I grew up in Denmark and despite none of my family members being herbalists, wisdom about the healing powers of plants was just something we “knew”. From the chamomile tea my mom would brew when we weren’t feeling well, to the thyme and lemon balm she would grow outside and add to our food.

My whole family happens to be very into growing plants and herbs and using them for a variety of purposes. For me, I feel like plants and herbal medicine never fail me. It’s the most gentle yet very effective way to support the body through every phase of life. I use herbs everyday personally and to support my family’s health. Taking in herbs via tea is such a healing practice. I love all the variety in flavors and tastes of different herbs, and how they complement each other in taste and in benefits. I strongly believe that food is medicine and herbal tea is such a beautiful way to take in the medicines from the earth. After beginning my herbal medicine studies, I knew I wanted to share this with others. 

If I had to pick, my favourite Wild Sage blend is Soothe. I love to drink this tasty tea in the evening when I wind down for the night or during the day with a little plant milk as a nice elegant elixir.  



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